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Unite the Fight!

By Amyas McKnight & Dayanara Mendez for Boston Compass (#132)

February 25, 2021

We’d like to start Black History Month off by recommending that community activists and leaders read Roots to Power: A Manual of Grassroots Organization by Lee Staples. One point made in this book that sparked consciousness within is how imperative it is that as many organizations as possible communicate with one another. Historically, according to this manual, many movements lacked the strategic documentation readily available as reference of which techniques worked and which could be improved upon for the next revolution. For example, a call to action that is aligned with the message and often mentioned throughout a protest is a very powerful tool. We encourage studying the strategies of past movements as well as the movements of our opponents to improve upon what we are doing and gauge the results of these refortified actions. Imagine the influential conversation possible when as many of the organizations that lead actions get together as one. Admittedly, organizing one massive action has many challenges. However, a conversation alone can clarify differences and similarities in ideals and methods, create the possibility of collaboration, sharing of intelligence, pooling of resources, assessment of community needs with research, and highlight which political candidates align with our greater mission. WHBoston is committed to making this happen for our city.


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Amyas McKnight & Dayanara Mendez, WHBoston


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