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By : Poetic Pattie

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Hailing from Albania, Vasjan moved here when he was just 19 and has been on a promising hot streak ever since when it comes down to New Englands nightlight & music scene. Since 2019, Vasjan Presents promotion team has been all about bringing awareness & exposure to some of the cities top local artist at the hottest venues—all during the right moments. While Vasjan & his team are working tirelessly to run daily promotions for months on end—they’re also able to build a very much needed bridge by allowing creatives to share the stage with both local & popular stars. Whenever an artist is on the rise and buzzing—Vasjan is right there to book them for a packed out show. Lola Brooke, Capella Grey, Dusty Locane, Lil Meech & Dream Doll have graced the stage just to name a few. Vas has been releasing music since 2021 and although this side of him may be new to us, for him “it was fun and easy to be consistent with…especially after having already made the connections.” Just in this year alone for collaborations Vas has worked with Exit Fame, King Brickz, Lord Ju, Big Sosa, $hayBand$ and even featured on producer Fingered By Skiii’s ’Sleep At The Stu’ album alongside OneShotAce.

Music is for fun and he’s excited to stay super consistent with it; but booking & promoting shows will always come first. In the beginning stages it was hard, but now he has supporters regardless if it is for a show or his music—the love is there and he feels it. Having opened up for Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy with his number one hit ‘Lemonade’ topping the billboard charts—Vasjan’s work speaks for itself. Be sure to check out the ‘Take A Shot’ music video featuring some of the cities most popping females emcees!

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