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Violet Nox: Whispering Gallery Review

By Michael Mambrino

April 9, 2021

Flying through the winds of Boston is Violet Nox which consists of Dez DeCarlo, Karen Zanes, Fen Rotstein, Andrew Abrahamson, Alexis Desjardins, Noell Dorsey. Whispering Galaxy is their 4th cd/ep as of 2021 and the soundscapes are wider, the vibes are greater and the music is better than ever before. Diving head-first into the release, the first track “Shapeshifter” is a delicate and rhythmic track and a perfect opening song for the overall experience of this EP.. It reminds me of if the genre ethereal went on a field trip to space and this is what they recorded after.

Haumeau has to be my favorite track on this disc. The haunting yet angelic vocals by featured artist Noell Dorsey (Of Major Stars, Jajuno, etc) are spectacular. Listening to the noise-infused, almost trance-like rhythms will make an out-of-body experience seem mild in comparison. I was worried that the EP would lose momentum after that powerful, poignant track but I was wrong. The third track, “Wolf Visitor” is a sound cave full of introspections and complex thoughts. I would best describe it as if Violet Nox subconsciously stimulated your brain to look inside of your mind and extract it into audio. Your mind is the limit, your brain is the instrument.

Their final song and single, Selene, featuring vocalist Noell Dorsey is the spiritual awakening epic of this EP. The gentle vocals over the layers upon layers of synths and guitar drone and seems almost intangible to be passing through your ears. But here I am listening to it for the fifth time in a row because it’s really that impressive. Whispering Galaxy as a whole, is a tumultuous journey through the day and night, and all of the colors outside and in between. I’d like to praise this album more but I think the best way to enjoy this is to have a listen to the album yourself.



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