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Virtual Comedy Shows During Quarantine

By Angela Sawyer for Brain Arts Org

March 31, 2020

Tired of your upstairs neighbor practicing acoustic guitar? Watched everything on Netflix and it's only Wednesday? Even though you can't leave your house, you can attend a comedy show. Comedians across the country are stuck at home too, and they've started virtual versions of their local shows and workout sessions. Join their zoom meeting and you're at a show supporting local artists, and also likely seeing a few folks from far away! You're not required to talk at these if you don't want to, but if you get the itch you're welcome to join in. Some of these folks are running multiple events a week, but I've listed their main shows below:

Connecticut Virtual Writer's Group daily at 7pm EST, hosted by Ham Clancy and Brian Barbecue EVERY day! On Zoom 308 309 634

Every Monday Comedy Out of the Cabaret Mic at 7:30pm EST, hosted by Bryan O'Donnell, On Zoom 400 521 837

Every Monday Maggie's/Sally's Open Mic at 7:30pm EST, hosted by Scott Oddo and Sean Rosa, On Zoom 278 976 331

Every Tuesday Anderson Comedy Open Mic at 9pm EST, hosted by Rob Crean,

Every Wednesday Artisinal Comedy at 9pm EST, hosted by Bethany Van Delft, On Instagram @bethanyvandelft

Every Wednesday Tales From the Inside at 8pm EST, hosted by Angela Sawyer,

Every Thursday End of Days Showcase at 7pm MST, hosted by Brian Higgins, On Facebook live

Every Friday Pick a Side Stupid at 7pm EST, hosted by Shawn Carter, On Zoom & You Tube, get each week's link from

Every Friday The Actual News at 8pm EST, hosted by Alex Giampapa, On the Comedy Studio's website

Every Sunday Brunch Open Mic at 11am EST, hosted by Miles Mortali, On Zoom 769 933 884 (Password 092506)

Every Sunday CoronaThon! at 7pm EST, hosted by Brieana Woodward, On Instagram @notadamncheese

Every Sunday Midway or The Highway at 9pm EST, hosted by Angela Sawyer, On Zoom 788 419 0551



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