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Viscous Verses — Black Cat Kid

By Stephen Sturgeon, Edited by Raquel Balboni & Ben Mazer for Boston Compass (#129)

November 18, 2020

Black Cat Kid


there could be a fence

no difference its material

for ok the sake of the telling it is plastic

but a certain kind of plastic

that is supposed to look like metal

from a distance like wrought iron

a black hard plastic maybe it is a polymer

synthetic polymers seem horrible

it is a black hard plastic that is supposed to look

like wrought iron from a distance


now the fence is a given

everyone thinks it looks very bad

also there is this kid

who hangs out there drinking stuff

some days it’s soda and other days

it is juice but he’s always there

he’s the constant

they saw him drinking water at the fence

one day and that was strange

for him to have a colorless drink

that was him


they call him the black cat kid

people don’t want him crossing their paths

they don’t want to be involved with him

because he makes them uneasy

they think there is something off


—Stephen Sturgeon is the author of two books of poems, Trees of the Twentieth Century (2011) and The Ship (2014).


Viscous Verses is edited by Raquel Balboni & Ben Mazer


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