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Viscous Verses: The Be Lie of Love

By Thomas Sayers Ellis for Boston Compass (#127)

September 29, 2020

All the be evil you believe. All the be lie, the lie you be, the living lies you live and be hugged-up with in thy healthy hell of honey, believing in falling, the f-stops and the fucks, strap and shutter, in the be limbs of likeness, like a belief that enters a body then leaves one body for another, environment change, and the bone trust of positions, bent-over in a doorway, lifted and open across the waist, being in earth, not on it, a grade of soft sculpture only pregnancy can reform, no separation, no space, none, all the be lining up, frontal nudity, an amniotic self-timer of morning amnesia, the astral births of another posed argument, too much touch ouch, stomach is machine store, growth flush, food shat down into the ground then shat up from the ground, snatched pocket snacks, bald brain-seed Eden Veggies, what we ate before the foreplay of Creation, before the muses arrived and ruined mood with doom, the senseless abyss of blood sugar drops, Gen Bi Polyamory, who eat throat and drink Black sneeze, Messiah Searching ribbed semen.

—Thomas Sayers Ellis

Thomas is the author of The Maverick Room, Skin, Inc: Identity Repair Poems and The Corny Toys as well as the bandleader and co-founder of Heroes Are Gang Leaders, a Literary Free Jazz Ensemble of musicians and poets.

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