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What's Happening Boston: Mayoral Candidate Feature

By Amyas McKnight for Boston Compass (#131)

January 4, 2021

With our country in the midst of a pandemic and political turmoil, Boston faces its own local tensions and unrest. Luckily, we do have two new candidates running for Mayor November 2021 that will hopefully work to settle this unrest. It is up to us, as Bostonians, to learn more about these candidates and understand how their policies will shape our future.

Andrea Campbell, Boston City Councilor, offers representation that is long overdue. Growing up in Boston, she has first-hand knowledge of the intricate issues fellow Bostonians are facing. As a young candidate, Campbell offers a progressive vision for Boston. Visit her website at ANDREACAMPBELL.ORG.

Michelle Wu, Boston City Councilor, has personally experienced the hardships families have faced throughout this pandemic and also offers a progressive perspective for Boston. Already, Wu has a popular lead of 48% by Bostonians in neighborhoods such as Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, and Roslindale. Visit her website at MICHELLEFORBOSTON.COM.


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