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By : Poetic Pattie

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JVK The Band formed in 2021, and have been tackling sweaty basements, stages on tour around the Northwest and even your local college radio station! The bands newly released EP ‘Who Is JVK?’ has been in the works for about 2 years now and gives listeners deeper insight on some of the experiences that she’s gone through. From the tabloid cover art & title of the EP, Jo wants everyone in her community to be aware of the band; but also wants to remain authentic to self.  Growing up, Jo says a lot of her musical influences derived from her parents, while soaking up inspiration from her classic grunge favorites like Nirvana, Green Day, Lana Del Rey & Weezer.

JVK The Band is comprised of Jo - the lead singer, Alix - bassist, Troy - drummer, Syd - pianist and Atticus - guitarist. The band first started off solely with Jo putting up flyers around Berklee’s campus looking for members to join the group and the rest was history. Forming the band was easy because of their instant chemistry. If you’re looking for a taste of what this rock band has to offer check out their WERS 88.9 FM live ‘Wicked Local Wednesday’ acoustic session shot right here in the heart of Boston at Emerson College. Jo is super talented and multi-faceted, having recently produced an album for a local band called In Plain Sight while also engineering most of her own music!! Writing a song with another local band is one of their goals for the future; whether it be with one of their favorites like Trophy Wife, Modern Faces or HI-FI, the band is trying very hard to make this dream a reality.

Being a creative in New England, they notice a difference in the support as opposed to other cities and often times experience competition. For this group, even smaller opportunities can be extremely hard to get. Nevertheless, this ambitious band remains grateful while expanding their opportunities through multiple tours; playing back to back shows out of states and hours worth of long drives.

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