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By : Steve B

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Violet Nox is an ambient electronic duo from Boston led by Dez DeCarlo and Andrew Abrahamson. The group has been a long-standing part of the Boston scene and in March they released their fifth album, “Eris Wakes,” on Infinity Vine Records in the US and Aumega Project in Germany. I don’t usually mention the album art in these reviews, let alone at the beginning of the review, but I would be remiss not to call out the amazing artwork of Jeff Bartell, another Boston legend.

“Eris Wakes” was written and recorded during the pandemic; the album reflects our unstable times. The title references Eris, the goddess of strife and discord, an adapted namesake for the project. True to the form, the five tracks on “Eris Wakes” start by setting a mood through minimalist beats and instrumentation. The tonality established at the beginning sees its way through to the end. Textural nuance and subtlety provokes attention and interest. Layered on top are vocals with a healthy dose of reverb. Collaborating with the duo on this album are Fen Rotstein (vocals, sampling, and digital turntables), Noell Dorsey (vocals and lyrics), and Karen Zane (vocals and lyrics). In addition to the purely electronic sounds indicative of the genre, reverb guitars and other more traditional instruments make appearances.

Check out “Eris Wakes” and the other Violet Nox albums on Bandcamp and the major streaming platforms.

— Steve B.

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #146 May 2022


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