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By : Poetic Pattie

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Dominican artist ‘Skip2Dip’ never knew that music could be an outlet for his emotions. By diving into the arts at his local youth center he discovered his calling and ever since then has been making hits. Skip relays that being surrounding by such a diverse music scene and talented group of friends drove him to curiosity and he initially started off in the scene as a photographer. He began taking it very seriously in college while balancing 2 full time jobs and actively staying engaged with the diverse melting pot of students on campus. For this Latin star, music is life. Because of its powerful connection to bring people together, he’s thankful to be traveling all around the world and making new friends.

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After years of packing up his equipment to finish his music during overnight shifts at work, Skip feels like at this point in his life he is creating some of his best music. Seeing the fruits of his labor pushes him and everyone else on his team to work harder. Bry, his manager, was introduced to his music as an insurance salesman who use to be a rapper back home in the Dominican Republic. The pair grew together through all the mishaps that come with the music business and have helped fulfill each other. Skip’s mantra and vision is to create connections & contributions, while making timeless music. You learn the level of your time and art and at this point in his music career, Skip wants to take off with a serious plan- but he prioritizes believing in himself. For the next couple of months this artist will be focusing on blending fashion with house music—so be on the lookout. When asked what new artist should be doing to follow in his footsteps, Skip had a few gems of knowledge to drop. “If you’re a new artist starting off, invest in yourself and your craft, learn how to record and use social media. Spend more time listening to yourself and less time listening to your favorite people. You don’t want to mimic your favorite artist surround yourself with creative like minded individuals. Share your music with your inner circle first and create a plan. Create, connect & contribute and have fun.”

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