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By : Poetic Pattie

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BJ Baller has been making hits since 2017 following the release of his music video ‘Brick Flair’ which is now at almost 200,000 views on YouTube—a close runner up to ‘That GLTT!!’ Shot by Ripe Tanjerines. Numbers and views don’t mean anything to this Rebel but the consistency proves that BJ baller is much more than just a rapper—he’s one of Boston’s most humble GOATs. Some artist make music for fun but, for this Boston star you can see clear as day that poetry is his choice of therapy. Alongside his Orange Room performance—a caliber for prolific song writers in Boston—we get to listen to ‘Burning Bridges’ where the artist questions his connection to Allah, his neighborhood and family woes. As his music videos elevate creatively so do the collaborations as we see him working with many of our local favorites lately for his recent project. This star has a vivid picture to paint—with stories that cut deep.

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