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Call for POC Poets—The Poetry of Science

By Tina

March 18, 2021

Call for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian & Pacific Islander, and People of Color poets!! Submit your work now to this public art collaborative effort between poets and scientists. Entry is free, and poets will receive a cash prize and have their work published in Spry Literary Journal. Entries are due Sunday, March 21st.

The Poetry of Science counters the negative associations handed down by systemic racism by creating new and positive associations between people of color (POC), the arts, the sciences, how nature is perceived, and what it means to generate knowledge. In this context, POC offer new ways to understand and create novel realities to resist systems of oppression. Poets will submit previously written poetry to this call. Submissions do not have to explicitly be written about science. All poetry is acceptable, except for concrete (shape) poetry.

In our call for entry, Cambridge-based and affiliated poets of color will collaborate with local scientists of color to create a poem about their inspiration as scientists and their field of study. We will work with a local photographer of color to create portraits of each scientist. Poems and associated portraits will be printed and publicly installed at local businesses. These public installations will give contributing poets the opportunity to publish new work, and offer the scientists an avenue to understand their work in a new language, bridging the gap between the sciences and the humanities—an analogous gesture in linking and strengthening distinct communities of color.



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