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By : Micheal Mambrino

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P-Dutch is a multi-faceted musical individual also known as Patrick Rage, uniting twisted branches of EDM, Trap and Drill, RnB, and Indie all into one tangled yet organized tree. His newest album Vendetta is an eclectic mix of previously stated genres and beyond. In fact, some will say P-Dutch’s styles and genres are evolving by each note, with every tone and pitch more refined and determined than the last.

In tracks, “Self Care” and “Metro Vex”, the rhythms are compelling with vocals honest and authentically delivered as well as smooth transitions and production. “Escape” and “Dissing”, have hectically catchy energies bouncing and duplicating on every beat. Hi-hats symbolic of the ticking of grandfather clocks in the middle of the forest, mysterious and enthralling. “666” and “222” are what I just said amplified to the level’s limits with bombastic beats bouncing off every auditory corner.

“Recent day events” is manifesting what I believe to be an inspiring song and captivatingly unique compared to the rest of the album. That being said, it flows phenomenally well with the rest of the songs nonetheless making the track a bewildering paradox. “Boston Heads” has keys and strings that feel divine and ethereal. Patrick Rage proves to be a dedicated musician on every song.

On other albums with a lot of different styles and genres combined, the flow can be disconnected from track to track. This is not the case at all with P Dutch, Vendetta is eclectic and organized to perfection. The variety only adds to the replay value and overall distinctiveness of each track individually and collectively, making the listener indulge fully in the records’ versatility. If you feel inclined to check this amazing project out you can here:

—Michael Mambrino

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #148 July 2022


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