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Clutch-Pop! : Lucy — "Rock, the"

By James Ammirato

April 15, 2021

Western Mass songwriter Lucy is back at it with new single “Rock, The” from his forthcoming record, “The Music Industry is Poisonous.” You might know the Hadley-based artist from his role in The Taxidermists or his feature on the “Corpus Mutual Aid EP” from last Fall, but this new material is Lucy in his truest form.

At a tight ninety seconds, “Rock, The” is a dancy, experimental track that covers several musical bases, but a first listen will undoubtedly leave you thinking about the song’s accessibility, especially with its simplistic lyrical style. Lines like “He met me on the boulevard / I wasn’t even crying hard” and “Lord of the flies in the trash / I just drank a tank of gas” are just a few standouts in the string of couplets that make up the song.

The beat is a bouncy combo of skittering trap hi-hats and pitched-up 808s, a welcome change in the current world of pop songs ridden with the same style of blown-out bass. This smooth and straightforward style is where Lucy excels, and his abilities are understated while clearly being present. The track is easy to listen to while still being a breath of fresh air.

“Rock, The” is the fourth Lucy video directed by Guy Kozak, a New-York based filmmaker specializing in music videos and short films. Of their work together, Kozak commented, “ sometimes feels like each video is one episode of a TV show... [Lucy] mentioned wanting it to have an environmental angle, and we took it from there.” One look at the video confirms this, full of shots of Lucy on the beach in Cape Cod, surrounded by trash and refuse. It makes sense that the track is a “devotional ode to the rock we call home.”

“The Music Industry is Poisonous” is out May 7 via Dots Per Inch.


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