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By : Poetic Pattie

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“B.James” began his musical journey when he was 18 years old as a youth reminiscing tales of unforgettable moments that we can all relate to. In his song ‘Let Me Speak’ from 2014 he croons about bad chicks, being kicked out and rolling through the suburbs—when he isn’t running the streets in his own hood. You can catch this self-taught producer with a camera in his hand 24/7 working behind the house hold name—FNS films, editing some of your favorite rappers videos, while also finding the time to direct & edit his own music videos.

When I got the chance to sit down with Bori Rock during his interview and asked him who some of his local favorites were he immediately said Brandon James and asked for one favor— “Tell B. James to drop some new music yo,”. Safe to say the love is real among our Feed The Family Rebel Mafia Crew, even when it isn’t broadcasted on a daily basis. "The Way I Live" is a song where he apologizes to his mama for his young rebellious ways after all; where he even receives a kudos from Millyz—but for this rebel, that’s just how the story goes.

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