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By : D. Allen

3 min read

Modernity is foaming at the lip with hunger

Desperation lives behind white houses and picket fences

Laughable attempts in their curation of history

Fights won, forced to begin again

Greedy, vile vessels, longing to continue their fill

Stolen land, stolen bodies

They wish to never know an empty plate

Glamorization of gluttony

Oh, how they must sleep

With feathered pillows while bodies pile up outside

Modernity, power, wealth

Taking without a cell in a rotting brain able to compute

That we know what it is to starve

We know what it is to have no bed

Classes, colors, sexes, identities

We’ve watched with empty stomachs and tired eyes as they’ve swallowed us

Our brothers, sisters, each of us…

Thievery, burglars they believe we fear

Modernity is different now

For, we’re the hungry ones

We will get our fill


Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #149 August 2022


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