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By : Michael Mambrino

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Hello and hello, Experimental Excursion is back yet again in March just in time for spring goodness. A duo of some of New England's greatest noise, experimental rock and electronic music reviews is coming your way right about… now!

Imp Say Glyph is an experimental rock trio composed of Nate Fusillo on vocals, guitar and bass, Milarepa Dorji on Korg Minilogue synth and more guitar and bass, with Finn Sexton on drums. This generates a stunning cacophony of guitar clashes and roaring bass rumbling. The Korg synthesizer shaping and waving erroneously yet precisely formed into the mix. The drumming provides a background of turbulent blares and blasts that are rambunctiously bold just like the rest of the instrumentation. Inspired by, yet defying, traditional norms of the psychedelic rock of Amherst Massachusetts, this band has blown live audiences away and studio listeners will listen again and again.

Seaworm is a crawl-wailing psychedelic noise project from Amherst. Seaworm uses “electric bucket,” guitar, vocals, and feedback to produce raucous tones and an unforgettable experience on both tracks. Dismantling all tropes expected in music, Seaworm reconstructs sound into a ravishing array of guitar screeches and wails. The electric bucket is a fascination within itself and on Seaworm, it does not disappoint with the crinkling and crackling from the contact of the hand to the metal of the bucket. The vocals are the distorted and perseverating factor of the project, which is utilized more as an instrumental technique than singing lyrics. Seaworm overall is a cleansing and cathartic experience of the otherworldly underground.

—Michael Mambrino

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #167 March 2024


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