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July 2021 Tarot Forecast

By Naomi Westwater

July 7, 2021

The Tarot Forecast is a look at the month ahead in a tarot spread. This July, I am focusing on revolution, rest, and checking in on our energy. Revolution asks us to give of our energy, to put in the work, and make change. And rest — real, deep rest — allows us to replenish our energy. This summer is going to ask a lot of us: social events, work to do, systems to change. So how is your energy? And how are you going to renew it?

Checking In with Our Energy: The V of Pentacles represent where our energy levels are currently. This dreary card means worry about our money, illness in our bodies, poverty, and sadness. It’s a sign of insecurity in the material world (body, home, job, finances). We’ve been misusing our resources, and what is energy other than our most important resource of all? We may be feeling depleted now, and that’s a wake up call. Recovery is necessary. Ask yourself: How am I spending my time? Make sure you are creating space to grieve, heal, and process the past year and a half before you start pretending everything is “normal.” Stop putting time, effort, and money into situations, people, and institutions that drain you.

How Can We Replenish Our Energy? A welcomed sight, the II of Cups guides us to replenish and refill with love, intimacy, and connection. In partnership with people who provide us equity, is where we can refill and start to feel emotionally whole again. But don’t confuse a love interest with a partnership. Sex and romance only rejuivinate us when there is multual vulnerability and care involved. Turn to someone who you see as your equal and who wants to step into platonic or romantic unity with you. There you will find you can rest easy and you will feel the deepness that is love.

What Do We Need to Put Our Energy Towards? The card of both authority and anti-authority, V The Hierophant is where we need to collectively pour our energy. The Hierophant is a card of tradition, institutions, and conformity. We have witnessed systems and institutions cause us harm. It is now time for us to put our energy towards fighting authority and rewriting the norms. We must become the teachers and mentors we need. Whether it’s family traditions, religious rules, or government laws, we must put in the work to change what does not serve us.

Guidance for July: The VI of Pentacles brings us guidance for this month. This card is a cycle of giving and receiving. When you are in need, allow yourself to be humble and honest enough to ask for help. And when you have plenty, you must share. This card is a blessing and signals growth and prosperity, but it also reminds me of capitalism. Pay close attention to who gets to give and who has to always ask. What would true equity look like? It’s time to make it happen.

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