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June 2021 Tarot Forecast

By Naomi Westwater

June 2, 2021

The Tarot Forecast is a look at the month ahead in a tarot spread. For June, I’ve asked the tarot questions inspired by Summer Solstice, Gemini season, and the anniversary of the biggest BLM movement world wide. Take a moment to reflect on how the tarot responded to these questions. What do you feel called to do? Tarot is simply an intuitive practice. Listen to yourself, don’t let doubt creep in.

This reading features only the suits of Swords and Cups. It is calling on our thoughts, fears, and feelings. You may find your thoughts and emotions are working in tandem this month, or on the contrary, are completely at odds with each other. Remember your thoughts and your feelings are equally a part of you.

What does summer have to offer us? The II of Swords brings a message of choices and indecision. You may have many conflicting thoughts this June, or feel like you’re unable to choose the right path. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with thoughts and options, calm your mind, and remember there isn’t often a “wrong choice.” The wrong thing is simply not making a choice at all. With confidence, make a decision, stick to it, and follow through.

How can we let our activism shine? The VIII of Cups gives us permission to burn things down. We cannot salvage what we currently have, it’s too broken. We need to walk away and find something better. Our activism calls for letting go of systems and people that no longer serve us. We need to walk away, and turn towards the unknown. Don’t fear it, embrace it! Anything is better than here.

What does good communication look like? King of Cups is a perfect figure to channel kind communication. He is a diplomat and great at keeping an open mind. Let your communication lead with compassion for others, and allow yourself to lean into your own depth. Balance the masculine and feminine within. How are you honoring both these sides of yourself? How can we avoid chaos? The V of Swords is a card of chaos itself — the self-destruction kind. You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself, and I mean like right now. There is no room for your dark thoughts and reckless ambition, and if you let it go untethered it will hurt you or someone else. Why are you picking a fight when no one was coming for you? Why are you treating yourself as your own enemy? Calm your thoughts, and let’s get to the real root: your fears and insecurities.

Guidance for June: The X of Cups is a beautiful card of blessings. Let yourself lead with empathy and divine love. If you open your emotions, you will be able to tap into the radiance and positivity all around you. Yes, it’s there in the air you breathe and the people you meet. Don’t doubt the power of this blessing, and don’t waste it either. Celebrate with your community.

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