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By : Poetic Pattie

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Dorchester’s superstar Last Days surpassed our expectations during his album release party for “Boston Boy 2”. Hosted by JAM’N 94.5’s DJ E Dubble, the room was packed with some of the city's most noteworthy talents who all got to take home personalized goodie bags — courtesy of Pure Oasis. Following the 2021 release of “Boston Boy”, the sequel has 12 tracks laced with go-getter anthems and affluent compositions — mixed and mastered by prominent engineers from all over Massachusetts such as Dallas Rose and tracks produced by Diesel Mania and Neezy Beatz. The sequel is one of the hottest to come out of the city, but making classic hits is nothing new to Last Days, who is fresh off a world tour with New York’s very own Griselda Records. “Boston Boy 2” includes features from Bori Rock, Dun Dealy and Fuego Base and reminds you that this construction was indeed a family affair. With tracks like “Fly” and “Plate”, “Last Days” puts an emphasis on what it means to be pristine while also being considerate of the experiences that follow lusting after the glitz and glamor lifestyle. Dorchester’s superstar is a force to be reckoned with and if you haven’t already, go listen to “Boston Boy 2”.

The Birthing of Kross Tapes

Roxbury native Maye Star turns his pain into passion with the birth of “Kross Tapes”; every song tells a rich story about the new and old chapters he’s embracing head on in life. “Kross Tapes” is a collaboration piece solely produced by Lowell engineer DeevoDaGenius. The idea came about not only because of their effortlessly poetic work flow but also because of the recent birth of Maye Star’s son, Kross. In the words of Deevo, “Life is a movie that needs to be captured and documented,” and with tracks like “Perspective”, the artistic duo gave us literally just that. Over-synthesized piano keys and a passionate instrumental gives us a peek into his “high as a kite” lifestyle, beginnings of fatherhood and his tenacity to take the rap game by force — as always. The tape is full of versatility as the generous duo go back to their roots with sampled rhythms and blues classics that they grew up favoring. Not to mention the features from our very own Bostonians Miranda Rae & Shane Dylan alongside Boston Music Awards R&B winner Notebook P — just to name a few. In the words of Maye Star, “Life doesn’t have to be over for creatives once you become a parent. Life is going to continue and go on, which is why I want ‘Kross Tapes’ to display those ups and downs that I experience in my fatherhood journey as an artistry and even my relationships. Most importantly for me everything that I do is done with God.” Be on the lookout for “Kross Tapes”, releasing mid-March.

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #155 March 2023


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