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By : Poetic Pattie

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Dominican artist Lia Nicole came to Boston with a very positive attitude—despite the fact that listening to music in her country was illegal. She grew up in a very strict household with 2 educators for parents who let her express herself; making Lia a learner and lover of the world. Being surrounded by so much knowledge has always been rewarding to her success attributing to the creation of her powerful Latin music. Lia started making music in 2019 and only recently began making songs in Spanish last year. Although she’s only released singles so far expect to see the Debut of her first EP ‘Santa’ in the fall—with features from Bori Rock and a heavy Latin vibe. When it comes down to the creation process this Latin star says her mood takes a big play on her songs. No matter where she is throughout the day if a line or catchy bar comes to mind she’ll write it down and wait for the perfect beat to make her feel something. She feels very honored to have made promising professional musical connections that help her work flow effortlessly.

Growing up, some of her biggest inspirations were Lady Gaga, Mozar, Nicki Minaj and Melli Melli. We can now seeing influencing her vast caliber and the dedication that she had for illegally downloading music overseas in the Dominican Republic. Lia Nicole is excited for the future of New England, as Boston talent is on the rise and bringing out so many established artist that she favors such as :Chelley Marie, Kid Fob and Caev—some of Bostons most talented creative individuals.

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