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By : Shamus Hill

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It’s difficult to discuss the Boston music scene without at some point during the conversation mentioning the city’s infamous trendsetter, style icon, and enigma—OG Swaggerdick. For the last decade, OG has bolstered the local circuit of music alongside a class of artists that includes Cousin Stizz, Michael Christmas, Jefe Replay (RIP), and so many more. His in-your-face, over-the-top discography is reminiscent of Lil B the Based God, and packages an ethereal and free temperament that has helped him establish a base of listeners that sprawl across the globe. 

Following years of contemplation and a recent transition into fatherhood, a new chapter of the Boston creative’s artistry has arrived. OG recently shared (via a LeBron James “The Decision” style video on Instagram) that OG Swaggerdick will be no more. Instead, the otherworldly rapper will now be making music under the moniker—MARQUISE!. In a recent conversation, we were able to discuss this artistic evolution, peel back some of the layers of this shift in identity, and get to know some of what his plans are in the near future:


What motivated you to ultimately change your stage name from Og Swaggerdick to MARQUISE!? 

“It’s been about like 6-7 years of contemplating. I never really thought about using my real name until Tim brought up the MARQUISE! idea. I was thinking too hard on it, but I was just in a different place and for what I wanted to do I felt like the name wouldn’t suit. I’m tryna be on Sesame Street and be a star overall. OG SWAGGERDICK is a character, the goat and will always be here, but for now he’s in Cuba attempting to smoke cigars without choking and chilling. He sent me a postcard not too long ago.”

Are OG Swaggerdick and MARQUISE! stylistically the same artist? If not, how is MARQUISE! going to differ from OG Swaggerdick? 

“I would say somewhat. You might hear them do some of the same ad libs, you might hear references to OG’s music with MARQUISE!, but I would say MARQUISE! is more digestible if that makes sense. It’s like Stefan and Steve Urkel of that makes sense. OG Swaggerdick doesn’t give af and is wild. MARQUISE! is a lil more chill but still a stunt man if you get me.”

What should listeners anticipate from MARQUISE! in 2024?

“MARQUISE! is coming with new music, a thrift company (Sharp Centro), and lots of content. Definitely gonna make sure we all have fun this summer.”

Though this announcement in and of itself was a monumental moment for MARQUISE!, it didn’t arrive without some music to accompany it. Coupled with this news was the release of the official audio and music video for his debut single, “NO DOUBT!”. Taking the style that fans have known and loved for the last ten plus years and placing a fresh spin on it, this single is the perfect representation of what listeners should anticipate from MARQUISE!. As alluded by the Boston native, this new chapter is by no means a complete goodbye to OG Swaggerdick. It’s more so an evolution where we are now being greeted by his newest form. As the days and months roll forward, MARQUISE! is positioned to bring back the feeling that sparked the most recent renaissance in Boston art. Though there are a tremendous amount of talented musicians in the area, there’s no one else out there who’s quite like MARQUISE!. Ooooweeeee!!

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #168 April 2024


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