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Notes From The Crew #136

By Amyas McKnight

June 16, 2021

What's Happening, Boston?! It's your favorite neighborhood reporter, Amyas, straight outta Dorchester keds. I am one of the directors of Dorchester Art Project and my specialty is connecting people. I have just begun spearheading studio programming which is currently an affordable space where studio artists can simply create. While I'm serving as a director, I hope to make the following impact.

Emerging studio artists may need help creating their portfolio, and if they document that work for 3 years then they will qualify for ARTIST HOUSING CERTIFICATION. They can then apply to acquire an affordable place where they can live and work. There are other ways to aid the longevity of these artists too such as DAP partnering with other mission aligned organizations to aid them with their business incubation, officially incorporating, protecting their assets, and estate planning. This proposed success pipeline has the potential to create generational wealth for studio artists impacted by many social injustices. COVID proved the need for creative space and opportunity to generate income from one's creativity.

As DAP continues with the intent to be a resource for its studio artists, I'd like to connect you readers with an opportunity to support your favorite DAP artist by donating directly to them via our WISHLIST. The wishlist has been used to purchase tools that our studio artists need to create. The most significant tool in their repertoire is their studio! Imagine the impact of a subsidized studio for an artist trying to make a living from their creativity during a pandemic. With your help, we can turn this experience into a band-emic! Hit me up via email ( to learn more about how you can make it happen for a studio artist near you.

Enjoy your summer!

Amyas M

Brain Arts Org

501 c3

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