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Notes From The Crew: An Insider's Reflection w/ Boston Compass 2020 Intern

By Audrey Sutter for Boston Compass (#123)

May 7, 2020

Hello Compass readership! My name is Audrey Sutter, and last month I was a junior studying journalism at Boston University; now I’m writing this and all my assignments from my home in Austin, Texas. I’m the EIC of a magazine called The Beat and the host of two radio shows on WTBU. I’ve also been the Compass’ design intern since the beginning of December 2019.

I’ve gotten the unique opportunity to be a part of a massive period of growth for the Compass. In January, we switched up the design of the paper entirely with the help of guest designer and paragraph styles enthusiast Jenny Bergman. February’s issue was our 10-year anniversary issue. We expanded to a full eight pages in March, and I was added to the team of Compass page designers. Then came April, and COVID-19, and the revolutionary efforts from the Compass team to keep our community safe, healthy and informed.

In short, it’s been a pleasure to see this paper grow and evolve through some pretty extreme times. One of the main things EIC Kevin Dacey, founder Sam Potrykus and I talked about at the beginning of my internship was making sure the Compass was doing everything it could to serve its community — the independent arts community, the Dorchester community, the Boston underground community. I believe we’ve risen to that goal and will continue to rise in the wake of COVID-19.

Remember to reach out for ways to get involved in your community. We’re still here, and we’re keeping it that way.

Pop over to Audrey's website to see more of her journalist/design work done for the good of the scene!

Check out all the art and columns of May's Boston Compass at


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