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Notes From the Crew: BCN Newsletter!

By Abby Miranker for BCN #135

May 6, 2021

What’s up, Boston?! I’m Abby, and I volunteer for BCN. I’m in charge of sending out our bi-monthly newsletter, which started this past year as a way for us to boost what is going on in the Boston Compass world. I also help out with the Zine archive and donations at Dorchester Art Project. It has been awesome for us to expand our reach so folks can be informed about the local art community both online and in print. We all felt the loss in artistic spaces this past year. Creativity was challenged, and we were forced to question the role that art plays in our lives. I’m happy to be a part of BCN’s collaborative effort to grapple with this as a community. It has been inspiring to see the dedication that manifests among those who are involved in the work we do. There is an ebb and flow of community out here that all surrounds one mission: lifting up local voices and ensuring the arts remain at the forefront of our lives always.

Make sure to subscribe for the BCN newsletter! You’ll be happy to know more about what’s going on in Boston every month, and you’ll be supporting local writers and creatives too. Enjoy this month’s print issue too, y’all!

Peace and love, Abby

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