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By : Bota

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Hello Boston! Following a year of demented, post-grad rest & relaxation (à la Moshfegh), I’ve sobered up from my sad, self-isolation out of necessity. It’s been about six-or-so months since I jumped into the role of Editor-in-Chief—and I’ve learned that this paper does not operate without conversation. Whether it’s calling Sam P every week, emailing orgs, scouting artists at markets, or getting to the gig, it’s a social job! Sorry to all homebodies and misanthropes, but the constant interaction with the BCN team has made my life a thousand times better. 

Every issue is a testament to the thousands of creative conversations occurring in Boston every month. Think of all the work it takes to throw an event—all the people to contact, the aesthetic to curate, the space to scout. Now multiply that effort against the hundred happenings we list in our centerfold. Let it be known that none of this collaboration started and ended with just one person! There are so many wonderful people, projects, and movements to engage with here in Boston, and all it takes for you to be part of it all is saying YES to allowing yourself to go.

That being said, I’m excited to announce that The Boston Compass is hosting a get-together for peeps of the newspaper on April 21st from 7pm - 10pm! Our friends at the Capitol Theatre in Arlington are graciously hosting us, and we plan to watch a movie (selection TBD), have food, and chill out. Hopefully you’ve caught the social bug by now—we can’t wait to meet you! 

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #168 April 2024


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