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Notes from the Crew: Julia Shachnik

By Julia Shachnik for Boston Compass (#130)

December 6, 2020

What’s up Compass readers! I’m so happy to introduce myself to you here: My name is Julia and I’m the new Director of People & Culture at Brain Arts.

This past February, I was looking for more hands-on opportunities to engage with underrepresented artists in Boston, which led me to fill out the volunteer interest form on the BAO website (do the same if you haven’t yet--we have lots of exciting ways to get involved). Countless amazing meetings and a pandemic later, I’m honored to sit on the leadership team of an organization that truly puts artists and community first.

Our commitment to empowering and advocating for underrepresented artists in Boston is deeply personal to me.

Growing up in the area as the daughter of mixed-race, Latinx performing artists, finding opportunities for artists of color in the city is what helped sustain our family. Artists of color have carried me all my life, and it’s a privilege to give back to them in my role at the org. As the Director of People & Culture, I provide core operational support to the staff, volunteers, and artists who make up the beautiful and resilient community of BAO.

With spaces and opportunities for artists disappearing all over the city these past 8 months, it feels radical to be working at a place that’s expanded on all fronts this year--even the Compass got more room (what’s up, 8 pages!). This year we doubled our square footage with our new storefront and more than doubled our paid staff positions. I’m just getting started at the organization, and I can’t wait to build more incredible things with this team in the year ahead. Feel free to drop me a line at I would love to hear from you!

In solidarity, Julia Schachnik


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