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Notes from the Crew: marc

By Marc Drinkwater

2 min read

Hello, beloved readers and champions of the Boston Underground! Marc D here, Tha Treasurer, here to welcome the BCN fam into 2022. It’s been a tough couple years but I’m proud to see this paper and all of you still going strong.

I first stumbled on the Compass in 2014…I had recently formed the free improv noise group Fable Grazer and I needed to find out where my fellow freaks and weirdos were gathering to hear live music. There was really only one place to go to find this information, and you’re holding it in your hands right now!

When I read the BCN announcement that the org had been granted tax-exempt status as a non-profit charity, I reached out to see if my knowledge and skills as a tax accountant could be of any use. When our first business meeting concluded with having our faces incinerated by Oozing Wound in the basement of Deep Thoughts, I knew I found my people.

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of talented, kind-hearted and passionate people share their gifts and energy with the org, before continuing on their life journey to other pursuits. But true to the words of Ben Franklin, taxes have not gone anywhere, and so I remain here at my desk at DAP, crunching numbers, sending invoices, paying bills, and keeping us in the good graces of Uncle Sam.

Short of preparing a balance sheet on the back of a great white jumping through a ring of fire, I can’t imagine a more fun and stimulating place to do accounting work. So cheers to you, for supporting this great publication and the brilliant artists that we serve. We hope to stay on your fingertips for many years to come.

*Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #143 February 2022


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