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Notes From The Crew: Revolution Within Brain Arts

By Liz Smith for Boston Compass (#125)

July 7, 2020

What a time for independent journalism! Things are changing and I’m extremely grateful to be serving as the Web Editor for the newly-dubbed Boston Compass Blog during this time. The recent global revolution and momentum is reflected in the microcosm that is the Boston Compass. As COVID-19 shut down all events and gatherings, the blog quickly became a vital resource for community and sharing art. It has always been a part of Brain Arts’ mission to provide a platform for undervalued artists. Now, as the mainstream media poorly covers the Black Lives Matter movement, choosing to sensationalize violence and oversimplify calls to defund the police, it is essential that the blog showcase underrepresented voices. I’m extremely proud of the content being posted on the blog, especially the Art Activism Toolkit filled with ways to support BIPOC creatives. The energy from community members stepping up and sharing their perspectives is infectious.

I am inspired to continue to show up every day, to listen, to learn, to follow Black leadership and to keep up the momentum - I hope you are as well! If you find yourself disheartened by what you see in mainstream media, remember that we have the power to create the media and share the stories that are important to us and writing for the Boston Compass in print or online is one way to do that! Take a look online at If you are interested in sharing your voice, you can reach me at, I would love to hear from you.


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