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October Tarot Forecast

By Naomi Westwater for Boston Compass (#128)

October 8, 2020

The Tarot Forecast is a look at the month ahead in a tarot spread. As we get closer to the election, things get intense. This October starts and ends with a full moon, including one on All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween). Prepare for weird, cosmic interactions and heightened energy. If you feel overwhelmed, some table salt in your pockets will help protect you.

For the month of October, I pulled The King of Swords. This King is a seeker of truth, a worshiper of facts. This month try your best to be objective. Academic tools, like history and law, will aid you more than social media or ads that manipulate your emotions. If it is not a fact, if it doesn’t create clarity, then it’s misleading you. What in your life is pulling you away from the power of truth? Don’t be afraid to unplug this October. Only listen to sources you trust.

The Full Harvest Moon falls on October 1st, and here is the heartbreak card again. When the III of Swords appears a betrayal has happened, and you may feel like your mind is fracturing your heart into many pieces. But you will need to gather your strength, pull the swords out from your heart, and start to tend to your wounds. Feel your grief, allow yourself time to rest, and be open to forgiveness this full moon. Although you may feel like you are breaking into a million pieces, your resilience will surprise and strengthen you.

The Ace of Wands is a happy respite from all the swords this October, and shows up for the new moon on the 16th. This card is the spark of a new idea, and brings with it the impulse to create. New moons are a great time to set intentions! Invite creativity and inspiration into your life. This is expansive energy, don’t be afraid to take up space.

October 31st is All Hallow’s Eve and it lands on a full, blue, hunter’s moon, just three days before the election, in the middle of a pandemic and social justice movement! This is a time to remember and honor your ancestors and loved ones who have passed. Ask for their guidance and protection, and thank them for their wisdom and memories. The card for Halloween is the Page of Swords. The four Pages in the Tarot offer invitations to us all, and the Page of Swords invites us to think differently. Another card of honesty, this Page brings curiosity, insight, and a sharp mind on this full moon. Perhaps all the heightened energy will allow you to see something clearly for the first time.

The X of Cups brings us guidance this month. It is a card full of positive energy and empathy. What do you need to do to make space for more peace and happiness in your heart? This is a loving card, but be careful you are not burdening yourself this month by letting other people’s emotions seep into your space.

Naomi used The Marigold Tarot by Amrit Brar for this month’s forecast.


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