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Roxbury's Most High Kingdom Unleashes "THE VIRUS"

By Stephen Lafume for Brain Arts Org

April 18, 2020

AYOOOO! Boston based rap collective Most High Kingdom just dropped another banger, titled "The Virus''. The track, a breath of fresh air amongst the seemingly endless days of social distancing, attacks the root of the problem that is coronavirus. Us. Or more specifically our lack of awareness. The group's Instagram caption reads as follows: "So many issues become issues because of our inability to stay aware of our surroundings and health. What we represent as Most High Kingdom is the wholeness and oneness of all things and we strive to stay aware of the aspects in life others overlook." As bold and to some controversial a statement that may be I could not agree more.

With the world on pause, as shown by the empty shot of the usually busy Boylston Street, a lot of us are at home bored but even more so many of us are struggling to survive. Rent is still due. Fridges still need to be filled. Children to be taken care of. Coronavirus full on exposed the world's lack of preparation and cooperation, which allowed the issue to grow into the catastrophe it is today. All of this makes one wonder how we got here. Even more so as it was revealed that 70% of victims were black people. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert but one line on "The Virus" breaks it down clearly "There's not enough love in the air, these are hard times." If we as a people were more empathetic, more loving, more aware the situation would never have gotten this bad. But it's not all bad news as this track is truly an anthem of resistance and positivity in these seemingly dark times.

The track is a classic upbeat boom bap full of heavy hittin bass, punchy snares, and a smooth transition exquisitely produced by the one and only Gib DJ (@gibdj). Production is one thing, lyrical flows another and MHK left nothing to ask for. The group made up of Milkshaw Benedict (@milkshawbenedict), Najee Janey (@najeejaney), and $ean Wire (@seanwire) show off their skill as they pass the baton between hype, lyrical suave, and almost spoken word with ease. Simply put the track is fire... I have nothing left to say besides stay home and go bump that s* right!

Check out Most High Kingdom on IG and their new track, The Virus here.


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