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SOS: Radical Self-Love Letter

By Saafyr for Boston Compass Blog

November 17, 2020

Dear beautiful and empowered sexy being,

There is nothing that can break the bond between two who are committed to each other in a galaxy of multiverses. In between the dark matter; IT DOESN’T. What does matter is love, which ignites every sun that’s disguised as stars in between space and time. All that matters in this letter, a love story, is that it always comes back to the right planet. A planet called Moment. It exists somewhere between E-vil and H-eart; eARTh. These two people you love came together wielded by what they call; trauma bonding while making love; an ecstasy in the duality of identity and experience.

*Scrolls through phone* You got a match!

Feminine: “Who are you coming across today babe?

Masculine: “Some cuties on saturn and one sexy alien on mars, but still nothing quite like you, my love.

Feminine: “Really?” (sounds skeptical)

Masculine: “To be high on this love is enough for me.”

Feminine: “Wow, that was smooth.”

Masculine: “You like that?”

Feminine: “Like butter on toast.”

Masculine: “Remember when we were forced to make choices?”

Feminine: “Yeah, to be alone and battle our demons in the solitary confinements of our minds.”

Masculine: “Hmmm… I’d like to forget.” *sighs*

Feminine: “But…?”

Masculine: “You always remind me that I am free.”

Feminine: “It’s what I’m here for.”

Masculine: “Can you remind me of where we were?”

Feminine: “When, or before?”

Masculine: “Hmm… How about what?

Feminine: “What?”

Masculine: “I know why, but what is Radical Self-Love and how do we experience it?”

Feminine: “Well that is the only choice we have; to count on Radical Self-Love. Because you are logical, here are the tangible steps to remember that the art of what it is solely depends on the spectrum. Write yourself a letter so you can always have it to remind yourself in case I am not able to.”


Step One: Check in with yourself. No one knows you better than yourself. How are you feeling? Sit with those thoughts; negative, positive, in between. Explore the power you have within. You are so wise.

Step Two: Find your center. Less is more, more or less. You can always come back to the other thoughts. Find your priority. Choose words that bring you joy about yourself. Breathe and drink water.

Step Three: Be creative. Remember your two sides of the brain, left AND right, and play on your strengths. You love yourself. Take your time and let your feelings show. You can’t hide.

Step Four: Release. Be like water. Flow timelessly. Consider what you want another to say to you with respect.

And finally, Step Five: Be Radical. Let go of attachment. Celebrate the little things. When in doubt, trust the truth. Forgive the mishaps when you’ve learned the lesson.


Masculine: “The furthest distance we will ever go is from the mind to the heart.”

Feminine: “Exactly. So enjoy the journey, don’t worry about the destination.”

Both (At the same moment): “I love you”


A Wounded Healer @sharingourstories


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This piece was made possible through the Boston Arts and Culture Covid-19 Relief Fund. Thank you for supporting our local writers and creators!


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