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The Tarot Forecast: September 2020

By Naomi Westwater for Boston Compass (#122)

April 14, 2020

The Tarot Forecast is a look at the month ahead in a tarot spread. You’ll notice several cup cards this month. Cups represent water and emotions, so allow yourself plenty of space for feelings. For the month of September, I pulled the King of Cups. The King of Cups gracefully balances masculine and feminine energy. The King is open-minded, diplomatic, and compassionate towards all. As the summer ends, take time to reflect: Are you in touch with yourself? Are you allowing yourself to feel the wide spectrum of emotions you have? Remember, there is dignity in feeling. This card also reminds us that those who deprive themselves of emotions can often be overrun with insecurities, or emotionally manipulative to others. So feel your feels.

The full moon on September 2 brings another emotional card to contemplate: The VIII of Cups. This card says it’s time to walk away from broken things and broken people on the September full moon. It might be a difficult transition to just drop everything and leave, but there are too many missing pieces to make things whole again. If you need permission to leave a job, a relationship, or a mentality behind, here it is. Once you leave the toxicity, you’ll be able to find something richer, something whole.

The card for the new moon on September 17 is the IV of Swords. This card swoops in to tell you to rest your mind, or you’ll burn out. It’s time to find stillness in your life. Go someplace quiet, turn off your phone, and just sit for 30 minutes. A meditation practice, journaling for reflection, or just some simple solitude will be helpful for you now. If you’re feeling restless, it’s because you have been lacking rest. Calm your mind. Then you’ll be able to tap into your intuition and see everything clearly.

September 22 marks the Fall Equinox, a day of balance. I pulled the V of Cups, which is a card of deep sadness and disappointment. Are you surprised? So many things have changed; this summer was not what anyone anticipated back in March. And yet, the V of Cups reminds us that disappointment in others and in ourselves comes from setting expectations too high. Allow yourself to be sad, and grieve for all the people and things you’ve lost in 2020. But then be realistic. What can the rest of this year still offer you? How can you make do with the current reality? Let go of expectations and adapt to your surroundings.

IX of Pentacles is the card of guidance for September. This card is about adding a little bit of luxury into your life, but that doesn’t mean spending all your money on something you don’t need. Allow yourself some time to take a long walk in the park, cook your favorite meal, or put on a nice outfit, even if it’s just for you. Start looking for luxury in the everyday. You’ll find happiness if you seek it.


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