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By : Side Presents

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Hey there, SIDE here! If you're reading this, we're SUPER excited to share what we've been working on over the past year with our collaborative partners, DVM Housing Partners and Co-Everything! We’re opening a space for creatives and artists! We're not just constructing a physical space in the Mattapan area—Blue Hills Ave to be exact—but hoping to provide an affordable haven, complete with programming and services for artists and creative workers in our community. Excited? We sure hope so! BUT here's the thing: we haven’t settled on a name just yet, so for all intents and purposes, we’ve been calling it “The Space.”

The Space” is more than a coworking space confined to 1550 square feet; it’s a community where passion meets profession. Its unique blend of creative spaces, supportive environment, and commitment to accessibility sets it apart. We're on a mission to bridge socioeconomic and cultural divides through the arts. It's envisioned as a vibrant, inclusive artist event space—a creative hub, a networking spot, and a dedicated workspace for artists and creatives in the community. Our goal is to foster collaboration, inspire artistic growth, and offer a supportive environment for those passionate about the arts and pursuing sustainable careers in creative fields. It's about creating and maintaining high quality and value for our community without sacrificing accessibility.

“Where creativity finds community.”

The Space” transcends being just a tangible place; it's an immersive experience that elevates both work and events. It serves as a dynamic area fostering creativity, collaboration, and innovation, offering a transformative environment where your business ventures and events can thrive. From the moment you step in until the moment you leave, you'll be enveloped in energy, passion, and boundless possibilities.

A huge shoutout to our partners, DVM Housing Group, Co-Everything, and Sam Studio Space, who are instrumental in bringing the vision to life! We are still accepting responses if you did not attend our Imagine workshop, head over BIT.LY/SIDE-Workshop

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Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #167 March 2024


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