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By : Amyas McKnight

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THREE Cultural Experiences You Don’t Want to Miss This Month

What's happening BCN Fam! This is Boston Happs, your friendly neighborhood tour guide coming at you live from the gutter. Can y’all believe it’s already January tho? I'm not ready for the snow and icy roads, but knowing New England there's likely to be a few random sunny days. Button up and bring a buddy because we're starting the New Year off with a BANG!

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Located on 11 Rhoades Street in Mattapan is one of our favorite skating rinks in Boston. You can find themed skate nights like “Throwback Thursdays”, “Holiday Sleigh”, fundraisers, and parties. There are groups like Boston Swerve that host events similar to the skate culture Of Atlanta Georgia or the DMV area. The community loves this gem and 2023 is going to be a great year for their rollout.

  1. Art Of The Brick Exhibition

Located on Newbury Street is one of the most out of this world art exhibits I've ever heard of. I guess it’s because my inner child is coming out. Literally, it's a pop-up of mega structures created using Legos. There's a 20 foot Tyrannosaurus rex sculpture, as well as sculptures of other renowned mainstream art and pop culture works. Tickets range between 22 and 48 dollars depending on your budget.

  1. The Jungle

My honest opinion? This is the Dorchester Art Project of Somerville. They are a community music club in the concrete jungle, featuring live performances every night. Every Wednesday they have open mic and karaoke. I brought some of the fellas here to check out the local hip-hop scene. Getting here was easy since it's right near the new Green Line branch. The energy as a soon as we walked in was electrifying. We could tell there's mad love for performers here.

—Boston Happs

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #154 January 2023


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