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Trash is Tragic MOVIE NIGHT

By Melanie Bernier for Boston Compass (#128)

October 6, 2020


Free online screening of The Story of Plastic

Wednesday, October 21 at 8:30pm

Break out the popcorn, you trashy little devils! We’re hosting a free online screening of The Story of Plastic, starring Nicholas Cage. In a career-defining role, Cage portrays a bad husband who secretly transforms into an elderly English lady in order to hang with his estranged children.

OK I’m kidding, but seriously, what if Nicholas Cage was the star of Mrs. Doubtfire? Hmm.

The Story of Plastic is a 2019 documentary about how plastic ruins everything for everyone forever. The film makes crucial connections between plastic production, fracking, climate change, social justice, corporate greed, and community health.

Through cleverly designed public relations campaigns, the plastics industry has groomed us into believing that plastic waste is an unavoidable, and even beneficial, aspect of modern life. They’ve duped the world into thinking that “recycling” plastic is an effective strategy for managing pollution.

These billion-dollar PR efforts are not aimed at managing waste. They’re aimed at managing public opinion while protecting profits. Companies like Exxon and Dow Chemical know that recycling plastic is extraordinarily difficult; only 2% is effectively recycled. But they’re happy to continue their trashy ways so long as citizens pay a heavy toll - in dollars and life expectancy - to live with their mess.

Fucking scumbags! It makes me wanna take their beady little eyeballs and scooba doo ba doo ba ca! Ca! Habadoolala chupacabra YAAA and jerk-off into a Frito pie and make them eat it.

We need to stop plastic at the source, and end the corporate greed that drives its reckless production. We need corporations to take responsibility for the problem of plastic pollution, and stop hoisting the entire burden onto communities. By interviewing activists and experts from three continents, The Story of Plastic presents action steps for meaningful change. Yay.

Join me October 21st on The Net (starring Sandra Bullock), and bring your favorite makeout partner. To attend, RSVP at

—Melanie Bernier


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