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Viscous Verses—Gregory Margovsky

Edited by Raquel Balboni & Ben Mazer

March 19, 2021


I saw that nightfall as was going awry,

How blazed in havens the fringe of the sky.

Clouds’ tapestry reddened ready to move,

Somewhere rather pinky, somewhere mauve.

And I saw a glow of passions that night

In myriads threads flowed down alight.

Toward that incandesence ascended а sward

With the hallow smile, as always ill-starred.

Тhus arundinaceous yarn of the lake

Wove in an arras cherubic at stake.

And there the lettering ornament’s scent

To a vastness seraphic fluttering went.

The spindle inspired me again and again

That immortality has been regained.

And leas, fraternized with cerulean blest

Chording swelter and spell afore the tempest.

Hence a plot evangelical, eternal at last

Was praised by the evening‘s unthinkable lustre.

Translated by Alex Sitnitsky


Gregory Margovsky was born in 1963 in Minsk. He graduated from Moscow Literary Institute (where he was at school with Philip Nikolayev). His works were published in a number of newspapers and magazines. He worked as a journalist, an editor, a translator of Polish, Bulgarian, Latvian poetry, and taught literature in schools. In 1993 he repatriated to Israel. He was a security guard, a phone operator, an archivist, and worked in the Tel Aviv Municipal Library. There he published four collections of verse: The Moth of Ashes (1997, Euterpe, Tel-Aviv) The Draft of Centuries (1998, Euterpe, Tel-Aviv), Game of Games (2008, Tranzit-X, Vladimir, Russia), and The Casket of Rhumes (2017, Rusience, Moscow). He became a member of the Israel Federation of Writers' Union, and was accepted into the postgraduate Slavic Philology program at the Jerusalem University. He has lived in the US since 2001. This is his first appearance in a US periodical.

Viscous Verses is edited by Raquel Balboni & Ben Mazer:


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