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By : Michael Mambrino

3 min read

Foster is an up-and-coming rapper from Cambridge sending some wav(es) all over the scene. The main participant in hip hop collectives Rare Realism and Early Bird Agenda, he frequently collabs with underground collectives 467 Entertainment, Clear The Floor, and more. He has definitely been making his name known. In this edition we are serving an album of his that is not released yet, so extra thanks to Foster for the amazing submission. 2MUUDY provides an impressive catalog of versatile flows. The tracks don’t feel disjointed or loose knit because Foster has signature and skillful elements in his delivery.

One of these is the downright masterful use of autotune throughout 2MUUDY, from the first track, EHH, to Never Gon’ Change has continually proven this on every track. Depending on who’s reading this, that could be your deal-breaking point, but just trust me it will not sound how you think it will. While listening to this album I noticed that it fit both casual listening and music that would provide an energetic show or party perfectly, thanks to his joyous yet down to earth delivery.

This album uses elements that risk being hit-or-miss in hip hop, yet turns every song into a unique hit nonetheless. Foster is immaculately impressive and to-the-point at doing so. This album will be released December 8th, available on SoundCloud and Spotify. Link will be embedded in our blog soon!

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #153 December 2022


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