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December 2020 Theatrescape

By CEEK for Boston Compass (#130)

December 1, 2020

2020 is a wrap with theatre companies reinventing the wheel with new, virtual plays and programming to keep us engaged. Companies near and far have joined forces to create project Play at Home, where various theatre companies have commissioned short plays as a way to create paid work for theatre artists during the pandemic, while offering a source of inspiration and distraction to audiences. See what they all came up with at Check out our listings and don’t miss your second chance to see some incredible, local one-woman shows available to view via zoom and On Demand.




PlayOn@CSC: The Actor’s Craft with Amy Ryan and Jason Butler HarnerCommonwealth Shakespeare Company presents this rare opportunity to get some insight into acting Shakespeare from the unspeakably versatile Amy Ryan and CSC alum Jason Butler Harner. The two dissect playing Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing. Free but $10 suggested donation.

WHERE: Register at


12/6, 1PM

State vs Natasha Banina There’s a reason this virtual play by Arlekin Players Theater has been playing via Zoom since the Spring. It’s smart, engaging and a truly innovative take on theatre-going during a pandemic.


Thru 12/10

Dragon Mama This celebrated one-woman show by Sara Porkalob is back and available to view On Demand for a short time via the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge. Part of Porkalob’s Dragon Cycle, a series of plays depicting generational stories within her own family. This powerhouse performance and personal project depicting familial love and trauma is absolutely worth catching while you can. $30 or pay-what-you-can.


Thru 12/13

Showstopper Virtual Play Series New Rep Theatre is premiering two new plays by some local, female playwrights of color this holiday season. First is Alexis Scheer’s A Very Herrera Holiday, a dark comedy about a lifestyle blogger sharing more than planned while going live. The other is [keyp-ing] by Dawn M. Simmons, where a freelance commercial producer unravels during an Instagram live as the anonymity of internet commenting allows white supremacy to wreak havoc. $20 for both plays.



Garden State A short play written by Sam Hamashima and commissioned by the Lyric Stage Company of Boston as part of the Play at Home project. A charming story of a bee journeying home after being captured in a glass jar and the importance of listening to new perspectives.


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