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Experimental Excursion #137

By Michael Mambrino

July 22, 2021

We are back in print for warmer weather and music to accompany the harsh blistering sun. For this edition, I will be reviewing some physical CDs + cassettes that were generously sent to me for review by (+DOG+) and Wrong Whole Archival Bureau.

Entering the abyss that is this CD, you find layers of your brain polarized into black and white. The collection of tracks on volume 3 will put you in a cacophonous and dissonant state where all boundaries are shattered. That being said, there is solace to be found in this disc and even rest in the album as well providing a conceptual spiral which will go anyway you want it to be taken. Give this album a listen, especially if you’re in nature for added effect.

Le feeling right from the start brings a sonically spacious and emotionally poignant piece from the beginning to the end. Every song is a gradual buildup to the next one being more intense than the last. This album is a true piece of stark textures and melodies that should not be missed. If you’re not convinced, I listened to this album twice by accident because I felt it was too short.

From the gradually slow speech samples and drum machines to tape loops that sound like they were recorded in space, Stuffed Spider never made a boring note. Listening to this tape is exhilarating. It feels as if you lose sense of time listening to this album because of that, and when it’s over the impression is still there.

Again, thanks to +DOG+ and the crew at Wrong Whole Archival Bureau for this edition of Experimental Excursion. See you in the void next month!

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