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Fight NEU's Luxury Dorm

By Dayanara for BCN #139

June 6, 2021

Northeastern University is planning on building a luxury dorm in Roxbury on Columbus Ave in 2021. Northeastern will generate $16 million in profit from skyrocketing student rent per year, and only pay $2 million in taxes. A luxury dorm is the exact opposite of what both students and the community need with the already existing housing crisis.The Boston Planning and Development agency and Mayor Janey should construct a high quality, union built, green, publicly affordable housing for Roxbury residents. Students and Roxbury residents completely oppose the construction of the dorms and the mayor has a duty to abide by those constituents.

In 2019, when Northeastern’s plan was filed with the city, Janey quickly opposed it and sent a letter to the Boston Planning and development agency expressing her concerns about the project and Northeastern’s relationship with her neighbors in her Roxbury district. However, In 2021, The Janey administration has not made it clear how they will address the construction of the dorms.

There is a movement against the luxury dorms organized by groups including Northeastern Socialist alternative, Boston socialist alternative, and more. Anyone can get involved by following the Facebook page @stopthelux for the fight against the luxury dorm campaign. Community members will continue to fight for the end of gentrification and for the rise of affordable housing.

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Daya MZ creative director for WHBoston

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