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By : Michael Mambrino

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JAY. is an entrepreneur, designer, and musician along with numerous other titles. While building community through artistic and practical means, JAY. has remained genuine through all forms of expression masterfully over decades of creation and content. In 2023, JAY. released a trilogy of albums known as YOU (IM SORRY), RAMPAGE JACKSON CALL 999, and soon to be released WAKULLAH.

As per rule of thumb, I will be focusing primarily on the upcoming album. I cannot stress enough how these albums are intentionally connected, evolving from first to last in an introspective and engaging manner. As I see it, the process of WAKULLAH is very streamlined. That being said, picking songs to cover on cloud combustion was a very difficult and lively challenge.

The first two tracks, (“She Said,” “Down Bad”) represent heartbreak and confusion with a flawless persona that simply cannot be replicated. On tracks like “Groove” and “Hood Demon,” JAY. transforms previous sorrow into elegant rage. There is something stunning I find in artists who can take moments of disaster, and convey such moments into beautiful art. Not only that, JAY. depersonalizes his works to be accessible and for the community simultaneously.

Following “Hood Demon,” “Down On My Knees” has shown clarity and a semi-ironic sense of growth as well. In general, composition and authenticity are valued in WAKULLAH equally. There isn’t much left I can say, so remember the trilogy and see you next time.

—Michael Mambrino

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #160 August 2023


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