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By : Shamus Hill

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Bold. The four letter word is far more striking than its not-so-imposing spelling suggests. Perusing through Webster’s dictionary, some of the words most commonly associated with bold are assured, confident, impudent, adventurous, and free. For Brockton rapper Meech Bold, the meaning of the word that resonates the most is the one centered around fearlessness, specifically the nature of being “fearless before danger.”

As one of the prominent members of the South Shore’s infamous Van Buren Records, Meech Bold has amassed a growing following over the years by way of his grandiose ensemble of raps and hooks. His discography is filled to the brim with examples of his artistic prowess, with singles such as “BOLD Willow Tree,” “MMM”, “UNITED STATES VS. MEECH BOLD,” and his various works alongside his Van Buren Records interlocutors being exemplary of his wide-ranging talents. Though he initially started out under the moniker Meech, over the years he gradually began to incorporate bolder ideas and sentiments into his works, ultimately sparking the sensible transition to his current naming convention—Meech Bold. 

Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B are the three genres that most closely encapsulate the sound that Meech Bold’s catalog encases. His innate skill set within this realm of music is impressive, leading to a powerful collection of sonics that has grown with formidability since the debut of his first project in 2019. Though some of his notoriety may certainly be attributed to the larger success of Van Buren Records, Meech Bold would be on the radar’s of Rap fans everywhere regardless of these connotations. He’s genuinely one of the most impressive creators coming out of Massachusetts right now, and with time he’s managed to unearth a brilliant onslaught of creative ideations that have impressed listeners everywhere. In terms of creative output, 2023 has gone on to be his biggest solo-year yet, with two full-length projects, a handful of singles, and a number of visuals debuting throughout the year. Just when it seemed as though Meech Bold would begin to slow pace, he decided to turn things up another notch. 

Continuing his creative journey, Meech Bold recently enlisted fellow Massachusetts native and producer, Jon Glass, to help create a collaborative and powerful unit of songs titled GOD SEE MY WORK. Though just four tracks in total length, this project sneaks in as one of the most notable to exit Massachusetts’ music scene this year. From beginning to end, GOD SEE MY WORK is furnished with prominent displays of lyrical integrity, a superior quality of soundscapes, and sentiments that revolve around intrepidness, hope, and of course—being bold. 

Beginning with a reworked version of The Isley Brothers’ hit-song “Work To Do” that’s infused with Hip-Hop sonics, Meech Bold details his aspirations, and how he’s certain that all of the work that’s he’s currently embarking on will not be for nothing in the end. Track two is titled “BLOOD THICKA THAN WATA.” and features fellow Brockton native, Garrett Merk. Arguably one of the best songs in either of their respective catalogs, this soulful, heartfelt track is the perfect energizer for those cold January mornings. “YOU AIN’T GOTTA DO DAT.” featuring Boston’s Macky Ukiyo is the project’s third single, and evokes a dynamic and enthralling energy that captivates and awes listeners. “WON’T BE LONG, ‘TIL I RETURN.” packages up the project, and is a high-energy, hopeful closing to the EP. A truly experiential listen that insists on inspiring the masses and motivating change, Meech Bold’s music serves a much larger purpose than just artistic expression. He’s on a mission to make an impact, and so far he’s doing exactly that. 

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #165 January 2024



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