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By Qadir for Boston Compass Blog

December 14, 2020

Of course, there will always be levels to this game of rhythm and poetry. To understand the beauty of a single soundtrack one must listen thoroughly to the compiled work of art, that is the voice, that is the rugged bass and drums and keys that bounce like dropped coins on the concrete. The origin of a single soundtrack traces back to the artist, to the background of the artist, to the life perception of the artist involved. Time plays a factor when it comes to grabbing a pen and pad; it plays a factor when it comes to sitting down in front of a Casio keyboard and an apple laptop with two black speakers facing you. The artists come together into one room and that creates a level of energy that is able to synchronize the direction of where this studio session will go. Time and energy, the very key factors to creating beautiful rap music, the very key factors to self expression, the very key factors to creating a bond within the craft.

Coming from a Dominican background, Lawrence native Nat Burner has been carving a legacy of his own when it comes to the rhythm and poetry. His lyricism carries a lot of spiritual - cultural references that are rooted in his admiration of studying various subjects such as “Black Science Fiction” to “The Quran”. To label him a “conscious rapper” would be to box him in, Nat Burner is truly one of a kind when it comes to picking up a microphone or even doing a 30 second freestyle with no instrumental playing in the background. One may say it’s boom-bap, another may say LOFI rap music, although his lyricism and beat combination branch on somewhat of a similar tree as an Earl Sweatshirt or a Jay Electronica. He’s also been in constant collaboration with his fellow producer artist, HvyArms (Heavy-Arms), the duo have been making a huge impact in the game by dropping super dope cultural references within their graphic design covers that are attach to great sounding records. Each of these Artist are packing nothing but talent within their bag’s, check out this line from one of Nat Burner’s single “Amethyst Knucklez” off the “ALL ANTAGONISMS ARE COMPLIMENTARY” album that released Dec 4th of 2020, produced by HvyArms:

“Coded convo’s for the initiated / word is bond God no written statements..”

—Nat Burner on “Amethyst Knucklez”

“ALL ANTAGONISMS ARE COMPLIMENTARY” is one of Nat Burner’s latest album releases which can be found on under “Primal Sound Records”. The title of the album holds a sense of fortitude that purposefully spills into each track, almost as if Nat Burner is welcoming the idea of being under some sort of test -while knowing he’s prepared for it. In the album cover you may notice a pedestal in which the woman is being raised upon, decorated in what seems to be a circle of bronze dragon like statue figures; held up on the backs of human beings who have seemed to work in the basement away from civilization for quite some time. In front of her is a crowd displaying their obsession and admiration for the woman as she is being raised up before them. There’s a lot of depth into the significance of the title and album cover, a body of work that compliments Nat Burners bar for bar rap style. Surely each “bar for bar” intends to hold the kind of imagery that allows you to question the means and matters of society, or even the world itself.

Check out Nat Burner and HvyArms' recent album, released December 4th on Bandcamp:

There’s a true sense of passion and dedication when it comes to an artist like Nat Burner—his outlook on the world shows entirely through his craft.

Interview by Qadir


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