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By : Alex Place

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XR Boston members have had tremendous impact for the past few months. They recently (June 15th) dropped their pants at the statehouse with “Stop Passing the Gas” written on their a**es as they mocked the legislature for continuing fossil fuel expansion despite pledges. With new projects such as the Weymouth compressor station, Eastie substation, and new construction being built with gas appliances — the state’s pledge to cut emissions by 50% (based on 1990 levels) by 2030 is clearly NOT being met.

In another righteous demonstration on July 14th, XR Boston brought their enthusiasm to Harvard University in calling out Professor Jody Freeman, who is the founding director for Harvard Law School’s Environmental and Energy Law Program and the co-chair of Harvard’s Presidential Committee on Sustainability. Freeman is steering Harvard’s response to the climate crisis. She even worked with Obama on climate change policy and “solutions.”

Unfortunately, Freeman is a lobbyist and board member for ConocoPhillips — Alaska’s largest crude oil producer and largest owner of exploration leases. She resigned from her position at ConocoPhillips following this demonstration.

Like all movements in history, being bold and disrupting the norm is how change happens.

XR Boston is organizing a "Week of Rebellion for No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure" during September 18-24: This week includes a creative direct-action demonstration, community festivals, and a group bike ride to envision a car-free future. XR Boston invites everyone to join for any of the activities, displayed on their event calendar:

— Alex Place

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #161 September 2023


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