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Notes From The Crew: The Importance of Artists and Investing in Community

By Yari Bushell for Boston Compass (#127)

September 14, 2020

Hey everyone!

My name is Yari and I’m currently a senior at Hampshire College over in Amherst, Massachusetts studying Artivism, Community Organizing, and Latinx Studies. For the summer of 2020, I was looking to learn from an arts organization that was deeply involved in serving Black and Brown communities. I was fortunate enough to work alongside the Brain Arts and Dorchester Art Project team as their Programming Intern. As an intern, I learned about the behind the scenes work that Brain Arts and Dorchester Art Project do to support BIPOC artists in the Fields Corner area and beyond. I was welcomed into their space with open arms and respect, and through their support I've gained valuable knowledge in further understanding how to engage with communities I want to serve. They continue to push the importance of artists and investing in the community, and I walk away from this experience feeling grateful and inspired. I hope to continue to produce public art in my communities that represent and serve the people. Shoutout to BAO Co-Directors Sam Potrykus and Emma Leavitt for giving me this opportunity and supporting all the interns and team through this crazy pandemic!



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