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The Flavor Continues (est. 2019) is Massachusetts’ first community-led and community-focused nonprofit organization serving the Street and Club dance communities. Our vision is for Street and Club dance to be recognized and provided for as legitimate and respected art forms, seeking to provide sustainable pathways for our ecosystem. To achieve this, we provide primary programs consisting of events, education, media, and most notably providing a community space for our Street and Club dancers.

The phrase “Street and Club dance” is an umbrella term including but not limited to Breaking, Popping, Locking, House, Krump, Uprocking, Hip Hop Freestyle, Waacking, and many others. These freestyle-based art forms provide a foundation of movement that allow dancers to interpret music in the moment. Practitioners strive to master techniques and channel their creativity while refining their own individual styles.

Street and Club dance forms were born out of oppression as expressions of liberation. Throughout history, our communities have been frequently misrepresented and marginalized. To serve them, we aim to improve the access and quality of authentic education and representation of Street and Club dance culture, promote holistic wellness, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable ecosystem for Street and Club dance artists to thrive.

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—The Flavor Continues

Originally published in-print in Boston Compass Newspaper #146 May 2022


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