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On the way to buy last minute goodies before huddling in your pad for warmth? Stop by your local BCN street box or BCN small biz sponsor to snag the latest issue and get caught up on what's poppin' this month!


Boston is busy this winter and it's Black History Month so

you know there's a lot to experience out there. 

The rad art organizers at Elevated Thought in Lawrence have a whole calendar of events they put together to celebrate and honor the most important monthly celebration of the year! While you're reading about it on page 1, don't forget to look over and find even more cool local happenings from What's Happening Boston. You know they always got a heady list for you!

Now is also a good time for reflection so check out what a few of our writers have to say about events they attended recently like their first noise music show, a hip hop show at the Jungle and a cannabis advocacy event.

Lastly, can you believe how good this month's featured art looks?! Collabing with NAZ (@titoforfree) on it turned out better than we could have expected!

Go find a street box, snag a rag and get to reading!



Our team is always working to create content, highlight local artists and events, and amplify voices of those in our communities. Between Newspaper issues, stay connected with BCN and what's happening around Boston through our Youtube Channel!

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Boston Compass Newspaper is an artist-run, multifaceted media collective serving the Greater Boston area since 2010. By focusing on local music, activism, and identity, BCN commits itself to making Boston and its surroundings a better place for artists and humanity at large.

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